Saturday, 12 March 2011

All along the Watchtower

For the 1250pt Escalation league, I had to have a themed Watchtower built and painted. Since I have never made any terrain in my life, or used greenstuff, I decided to jump right in at the deep end and combine both. I went with the normal GW Watchtower, and wanted to make it look like Nurgle had moved in.

I greenstuffed weeping pustules growing from the walls, and tentacles writhing from windows and doors. I also used spares from my Chaos sprues to add chaos stars and other ornamentation. I think it came out alright for a first attempt.

For the Motherland!

I started playing Warmachine back in Mk1 before Hordes was launched, then lost my way and stopped playingfor years until Mk2 reignited my interest. I have to admit that Warmahordes is by far my main system that I enjoy. I love that everything has a counter, and that I have to think a lot more tactically than I have to in 40k/WFB. My LGS has seen a recent surge in interest, bringing new players and new armies to the table.I play Khador, partly due to my love of things pseudo-russian and partly due to big 'Jacks! I have a reasonable sized force, but I am planning to get a 35pt themed force for the casters I run. Eventually I would love to have a decent force for all the Khador 'Casters.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Escalation Month 4

This will be a short update. My opponents at 1500pt were to be Dark Elves and Ogre Kingdoms. I decided that at 1500pt I would Mark all my units, and add in a BSB. However, there was a lot of grumblings about the league, one person pulled out and nobody seemed all that enthusiastic about it. It had almost become a chore, and with another 3 months to go after this, I think it had just ran out of steam. Due to time constraints with myself and my opponents, none of our games got played, in fact I believe no games were played across the league at all.

Escalation Month 3

This was the month I had to increase my force to 1250pt while also painting a Watchtower that was to be themed as much as possible for the army being used. I have never made a piece of terrain in my life (assembling Necromunda card terrain doesn't count) so this was going to be interesting. At time of writing I don't have pictures of the piece since it's down at KOA, but I will add these as soon as possible.
I decided to use the standard GW watchtower, and attempt some greenstuff sculpting (something I have also never tried) to make it all Nurgley and just look wierd. It seemed to work, and overall I was happy how my first attempt came out. Maybe this converting/sculpting malarkey is fun after all.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

40K Musings

I had planned to give up 40K. The games I was playing weren't that interesting to play, possibly due to my playing mech-ImpGuard. Every game just felt the same, with little randomness to it, or any real tactical challenge. With that in mind I had planned to sell my 40K and just stick to the games I was enjoying more (WHFB/WarmaHordes)

Friday, 14 January 2011

Escalation Month 2

And so the second month of the Escalation league loomed. With 3 wins under my belt, I was in the lead. The next stage was upping the army to 1000pts.
I decided to give my Sorcerer the Mark of Tzeentch, since all the armies I was going up against had the possibility of good magic, and Pandemonium puts the crappers on that. I also gave him a 5+ ward (become 4+ due to mark) and a cheap 5pt magic weapon just in case he gets into combat with ethereal models.
Along with him, I added in 10 more Chaos Warriors, forming a second unit. This time I decided to paint them as Tzeentch, and I actually like these more than the Nurgle ones I did.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Non-Gaming, but just as Geeky.

Another hobby that I partake in is Airsoft. For those who don't know what this is, it's where grown men (and a few women) run around woods, fields and other obstacles with b.b. guns shooting each other for fun. Yes, it can be painful, especially if you get shot in the face, but it's is as safe as any other outdoor activity. Face masks, or goggles are mandatory to protect the eyes. The reason I like this way more than paint-balling is that I can use replicas of real guns, rather than ugly bulbous tubes. It is an expensive hobby to start, with guns starting at £150 and going way, way higher. However once you have your kit, the ammo itself is very cheap. £8 getting you around 5000 b.b.s.