Saturday, 5 March 2011

Escalation Month 4

This will be a short update. My opponents at 1500pt were to be Dark Elves and Ogre Kingdoms. I decided that at 1500pt I would Mark all my units, and add in a BSB. However, there was a lot of grumblings about the league, one person pulled out and nobody seemed all that enthusiastic about it. It had almost become a chore, and with another 3 months to go after this, I think it had just ran out of steam. Due to time constraints with myself and my opponents, none of our games got played, in fact I believe no games were played across the league at all.

I enjoyed my time doing this type of league, and would do another. However I feel that maybe a 8 month long league is too long, and that perhaps a 4 month one would be the right size. This was the first one that KOA ran, and from talking to the staff they have learned a great deal from this one. The next one is a 40K league, starting at perhaps 1000pt, and increasing by 250pt to a maximum of 1750pt. I feel these shorter, punchier type leagues would work better within the local gaming community.

One thing I would like to see is that you build your list and hand it in BEFORE your opponents are picked, that way it's much harder to tailor your army, and would generally have to build an "all comers" list. Also a big part of it for me is the challenge of having to paint your new additions each month. More than one player in the Warhammer league just entered with their old armies, and just used already painted units. Now that's fair enough, if you want to do that fine, I just felt that it was against the spirit of the whole idea if not against the rules, but that's just a personal grumble.

I will almost certainly take part in the 40K league with my Imperial Guard. I plan on repainting them to a new winter scheme anyway, I just need to work out how :)

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