Saturday, 12 March 2011

All along the Watchtower

For the 1250pt Escalation league, I had to have a themed Watchtower built and painted. Since I have never made any terrain in my life, or used greenstuff, I decided to jump right in at the deep end and combine both. I went with the normal GW Watchtower, and wanted to make it look like Nurgle had moved in.

I greenstuffed weeping pustules growing from the walls, and tentacles writhing from windows and doors. I also used spares from my Chaos sprues to add chaos stars and other ornamentation. I think it came out alright for a first attempt.

For the Motherland!

I started playing Warmachine back in Mk1 before Hordes was launched, then lost my way and stopped playingfor years until Mk2 reignited my interest. I have to admit that Warmahordes is by far my main system that I enjoy. I love that everything has a counter, and that I have to think a lot more tactically than I have to in 40k/WFB. My LGS has seen a recent surge in interest, bringing new players and new armies to the table.I play Khador, partly due to my love of things pseudo-russian and partly due to big 'Jacks! I have a reasonable sized force, but I am planning to get a 35pt themed force for the casters I run. Eventually I would love to have a decent force for all the Khador 'Casters.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Escalation Month 4

This will be a short update. My opponents at 1500pt were to be Dark Elves and Ogre Kingdoms. I decided that at 1500pt I would Mark all my units, and add in a BSB. However, there was a lot of grumblings about the league, one person pulled out and nobody seemed all that enthusiastic about it. It had almost become a chore, and with another 3 months to go after this, I think it had just ran out of steam. Due to time constraints with myself and my opponents, none of our games got played, in fact I believe no games were played across the league at all.

Escalation Month 3

This was the month I had to increase my force to 1250pt while also painting a Watchtower that was to be themed as much as possible for the army being used. I have never made a piece of terrain in my life (assembling Necromunda card terrain doesn't count) so this was going to be interesting. At time of writing I don't have pictures of the piece since it's down at KOA, but I will add these as soon as possible.
I decided to use the standard GW watchtower, and attempt some greenstuff sculpting (something I have also never tried) to make it all Nurgley and just look wierd. It seemed to work, and overall I was happy how my first attempt came out. Maybe this converting/sculpting malarkey is fun after all.