Saturday, 5 March 2011

Escalation Month 3

This was the month I had to increase my force to 1250pt while also painting a Watchtower that was to be themed as much as possible for the army being used. I have never made a piece of terrain in my life (assembling Necromunda card terrain doesn't count) so this was going to be interesting. At time of writing I don't have pictures of the piece since it's down at KOA, but I will add these as soon as possible.
I decided to use the standard GW watchtower, and attempt some greenstuff sculpting (something I have also never tried) to make it all Nurgley and just look wierd. It seemed to work, and overall I was happy how my first attempt came out. Maybe this converting/sculpting malarkey is fun after all.

The army composition was another matter. I had promised to try and stick to a single army theme, and build on that each month rather than radically altering it. This would save time and money. At 1250 I decided to stick in a Lord. The reason behind this was that a Chaos Lord, even without a huge amount of items is a bloody beast. WS8 S5 T5 I7 A5 is a tough prospect. I decided to give him a Sword of Swift Slaying, giving him always strikes first, and if the enemy is equal or lower Initiative I get to reroll misses. Next I gave him a Talisman of Endurance for a 5+ ward, and lastly a Charmed Shield. This was mainly because it's a magic shield that's 5pts, yes it's one use, but it stays a normal shield after the power is used. A basic non magic shield for the lord is 10pt! I also added Mark of Nurgle since I had the points.I also dropped the Hounds, they just weren't performing what so ever and I added a Banner of Rage to the Knights.

My opponents this month were Warriors of Chaos and Orcs & Goblins.  At 1250pt onwards we only had to play 2 games per month due to in theory the games taking longer.

My first game was against WoC. My opponent was running a large unit of Khornate Marauders with Flails in horde formation with full command and Wulfrik the Wanderer. He had used this unit to great effect in previous rounds, but I was confident in my army. If he held him in reserve, then I would march straight into the middle of the table, taking out his smaller units (I hoped) and await his arrival, then simply reform towards him and charge. Instead he deployed at the start, along with two units of Hounds, two units of Marauder Horsemen and two wizards.
There was no real tactical finesse, my Knights rode down one of his Horsemen units, then into a Spawn, then into his Marauders. I had managed to cast the Lore of Death Spell that reduced S and T by -1 which helped greatly. Wulfrik challenged my Champion, and due to shocking dice rolls, neither did any wounds. My dice with the rest of the Knights was pretty good, causing a crap tonne of wounds winning the combat, but not breaking the unit due to Steadfast. The rest of my army was either failing charges or being magicked almost to death, before I managed to break his Marauders and run them off the board.

Second game was almost an exact replay of the first. Turn 1 my Knights smashed into his snotling unit, wiping them out and then rushing straight into his Horde unit of Boyz. I killed his Goblin Shaman outright with spells and deliberately unleashed his Fanatics. I managed to win the combat versus the unit of Boyz and his Boss, causing them to make a Steadfast Leadership check, unfortunately for my opponent they failed, and ran straight off the board. That left him with a half strength unit of Night Goblin Spearmen and a Chariot. He decided to concede at that point.

At the end of the month that kept me once again in the lead with 7 wins and 1 loss.

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