Saturday, 12 March 2011

For the Motherland!

I started playing Warmachine back in Mk1 before Hordes was launched, then lost my way and stopped playingfor years until Mk2 reignited my interest. I have to admit that Warmahordes is by far my main system that I enjoy. I love that everything has a counter, and that I have to think a lot more tactically than I have to in 40k/WFB. My LGS has seen a recent surge in interest, bringing new players and new armies to the table.I play Khador, partly due to my love of things pseudo-russian and partly due to big 'Jacks! I have a reasonable sized force, but I am planning to get a 35pt themed force for the casters I run. Eventually I would love to have a decent force for all the Khador 'Casters.

I decided not to go for the standard paint scheme for my Khador. I wanted something different, and I liked the paint job Privateer Press did for the Kodiak. It was painted in the scheme of the 5th Border Legion, who fight primarily in the Thornwood Forest. With that in mind, I went for a dark green/khaki with dark red trim. I felt that this made my army "feel" like mine, rather than a copy of the standard red paint job.

At the moment I run two 'Casters: Kommander Strakhov, who leads my fast, maneuverable force, who often catches people off guard with his speed.

 The second being The Butcher. This is my slow but hits like a freight train.
I occasionally run Kommander Sorscha, either as Prime or Epic depending on how I feel.
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At the moment I have two of my four Warjacks painted. These being the Kodiak and the Juggernaut, I'll get round to painting my Berserker and Torch at some point.
Kodiak and Juggernaut
I have a bit of a rag-tag bunch of units. Most of these were picked when I first started and didn't know a huge amount about the game. It does mean that I have a reasonable basis for most Theme lists if I decide to run them.
My Kayazy Assassins are hated within my LGS

Widowmaker Marksman
Man-o-War Stormtroopers
I'm going to try and get all my unpainted minis done in the next month. So far I have pIrusk, eVlad, Widowmaker Marksman, 2 'Jacks and I also have a minimum unit of Assault Kommandos + 2 Flame attachments waiting to be bought.

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