Tuesday, 18 January 2011

40K Musings

I had planned to give up 40K. The games I was playing weren't that interesting to play, possibly due to my playing mech-ImpGuard. Every game just felt the same, with little randomness to it, or any real tactical challenge. With that in mind I had planned to sell my 40K and just stick to the games I was enjoying more (WHFB/WarmaHordes)

Friday, 14 January 2011

Escalation Month 2

And so the second month of the Escalation league loomed. With 3 wins under my belt, I was in the lead. The next stage was upping the army to 1000pts.
I decided to give my Sorcerer the Mark of Tzeentch, since all the armies I was going up against had the possibility of good magic, and Pandemonium puts the crappers on that. I also gave him a 5+ ward (become 4+ due to mark) and a cheap 5pt magic weapon just in case he gets into combat with ethereal models.
Along with him, I added in 10 more Chaos Warriors, forming a second unit. This time I decided to paint them as Tzeentch, and I actually like these more than the Nurgle ones I did.