Friday, 14 January 2011

Escalation Month 2

And so the second month of the Escalation league loomed. With 3 wins under my belt, I was in the lead. The next stage was upping the army to 1000pts.
I decided to give my Sorcerer the Mark of Tzeentch, since all the armies I was going up against had the possibility of good magic, and Pandemonium puts the crappers on that. I also gave him a 5+ ward (become 4+ due to mark) and a cheap 5pt magic weapon just in case he gets into combat with ethereal models.
Along with him, I added in 10 more Chaos Warriors, forming a second unit. This time I decided to paint them as Tzeentch, and I actually like these more than the Nurgle ones I did.

In case I came up against Artillery pieces, and because I had spare points, I also chucked in 5 Chaos Hounds.

First match was against Lizardmen. I was faced with a large blob of Skins with blowpipes, a 20 man Saurus unit with Command, and a 5 man Cold One unit, with attached Saurus Lord. My opponent also had a skink Shaman.
This seemed one sided, but was fairly close points wise. I wiped everything out bar his Cold One + Lord, which had a fair chunk of points in it, while I lost my Hounds and one of the 10 man Warrior Units. Magic was very limited for both of us, low numbers of the pool, and lucky dispelling from both.
Result: Win by 300pt

Second match was against Empire. I looked across the table and a large chunk of State troops, backed up with a Priest and a BSB, a unit of Crossbowmen, a unit of Handgunners and a small detachment of Halberdeers, Along with these were 3 mortars. Unfortunately, I didn't get first turn. On my opponents first shooting phase, all 3 mortars landed on target, wiping out my Hounds, and causing my Marauders with the Sorcerer to panic and flee. Since he had reduced the amount of men below 25%, I needed snake eyes to rally. With my magic power neutralized for the entire game, I just had to charge in and hope for the best. More on the spot shooting from the mortars left both my Warrior units in tatters.
Result: Loss by 450pt

Third game was against Vampire Counts. This was just carnage, as my army waded through his. Killing his Corpse Cart with an Infernal Gateway on turn one helped. My opponent had 2 tar-pit units of Zombies, but had no real hammer, since due to bad positioning his unit of Wights and Vampire were stuck and unable to get into combat. They eventually did, but that was after being charged in the front by my Knights, and in the rear by a unit of Warriors.
Result: Win by 826pt

At the end of the month, I still stand at the top of the league with 5 wins and 1 loss. Now things get interesting at 1250pt.


RTGamer said...

Really like the Tzeentch Warriors. But then again I just love those models!

Seeing your stuff really makes me want to collect the chaos again.

Sounds like they are a powerhouse in 8th as well. How did you find your knights doing? I hear that they are dead in 8th.

Oh and you missed a couple of moldlines!

Snarfeh said...

Since I'm lazy, I sometimes can't be arsed cleaning mold lines :p Chaos are still powerful, but at higher points other armies can get some tasty treats. Knights have been ok, as long as you remember they can't reliably break units on their own anymore. With that in mind, I use them to crush small screening units, then turn and get a flank or rear hit at the same time as a Warrior unit hits the front.