Tuesday, 18 January 2011

40K Musings

I had planned to give up 40K. The games I was playing weren't that interesting to play, possibly due to my playing mech-ImpGuard. Every game just felt the same, with little randomness to it, or any real tactical challenge. With that in mind I had planned to sell my 40K and just stick to the games I was enjoying more (WHFB/WarmaHordes)

However, I was reading over the new FAQ regarding Dark Angels. I have always had a love of the green bastards after reading Angels of Death back in 2nd ed. THAT is how a codex should be written, filled with fluff and amazing mini's. DA were my first ever GW army, but subsequent editions put me off 40K for years, and when I got back into it, there were so many SM players I went for Guard.
The new FAQ brings the DA codex more in line with the 5th ed SM one, now getting 3+ Storm Shields, Heavy 2 Cyclones and Typhoons being able to fire dual mode.
This got me thinking. I am now very tempted to start a Deathwing/Ravenwing force. Imagine squads of bikes rampaging up board while white-armoured-walking-tank-men teleport into your face! If I do decide to do this (and if I sell my Guard then that might go towards the start) then I am going to try and convert most models, even it's just putting some DA icons on the armour. I would however have to build a Belial, since no model exists, but I already have plans for that.



RTGamer said...

Go for it. I am waiting to see the Grey Knights and get into 40k here maybe too...

Does your plan for Belial involve CAZ?

Snarfeh said...

Will paint Belial myself, already git ideas for the conversion. Will probably get Caz to paint Sammael, since that mini deserves it :p