Saturday, 25 December 2010

Non-Gaming, but just as Geeky.

Another hobby that I partake in is Airsoft. For those who don't know what this is, it's where grown men (and a few women) run around woods, fields and other obstacles with b.b. guns shooting each other for fun. Yes, it can be painful, especially if you get shot in the face, but it's is as safe as any other outdoor activity. Face masks, or goggles are mandatory to protect the eyes. The reason I like this way more than paint-balling is that I can use replicas of real guns, rather than ugly bulbous tubes. It is an expensive hobby to start, with guns starting at £150 and going way, way higher. However once you have your kit, the ammo itself is very cheap. £8 getting you around 5000 b.b.s.
I used to play at a place called The Fort in Fife, however due to local council being a bunch of bastards that place has been closed. Here are a few shots from that site.
This is me lining up my shot using my G36c:

This is me using an MP5 while waiting for the game to start. As you can see I have goggles covering my eyes.
And here is me in all my getup.

I know play at a site called Players of War, which is situated just outside Falkirk. They specialise in WW2 themed games. The Site has loads of areas to fight over, including a mock up of Flak 88s, and a V2 rocket station. This has prompted me to start planning a Red Army kit, aiming to use a PPsh-41. If you are interested in airsoft, and are near that area, check out their website.

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RTGamer said...

Nice dude looks like you have fun...

Must admit I don't know why you took a pic of the side of a van in the third pic though ;P